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Pine Lake GA Foot Treatment

Pine Lake GA Foot Treatment

Custom Made Orthotics in Pine Lake GA

Pine Lake GA Foot Treatment
Pine Lake GA Foot Treatment

If you are looking for an excellent foot care practice that can also provide you with custom-made orthotics, you should visit us at InStep Podiatry. Patients who come to our podiatry practice, will be seen by our top-notch podiatrist, Dr. Anastasia Thomas for complete Pine Lake GA foot treatment and to get custom-made orthotics, when they will be helpful.

Our dedicated foot doctor provides many different types of Pine Lake GA foot treatment including treatment for ankle sprains, bunions, hammertoes, diabetic foot care, and flat feet. There are also many conditions that can be helped with custom-made orthotics. Custom-made orthotics are made to specifically fit your individual feet, and to help solve your individual foot problem. Custom-made orthotics are more expensive than store-bought shoe inserts, however, they are much more effective and will last for years when well taken care of. Custom foot orthotics will provide appropriate support that is needed by your own feet as well as make your feet feel more comfortable. Many patients who suffer with flat feet can benefit from custom foot orthotics which will allow them to walk correctly, thereby eliminating foot, ankle or leg pain. If you have bunions, foot orthotics can help to take pressure off your feet, and will help alleviate the situation. Foot orthotics are also extremely successful in helping patients who suffer with heel pain. Heal pain is one of the most common reasons that patients come into our podiatry practice. In many cases, foot orthotics can allow our patient to get rid of heel pain once and for all. In order for the custom orthotics to be manufactured, our foot doctor will need to conduct a complete evaluation of your feet, ankles, and legs. This way the foot orthotics will accommodate your individual foot structure and pathology.

For an appointment to see our foot doctor for a complete Pine Lake GA foot treatment, including custom-made orthotics, simply contact us today.

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