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Stone Mountain Orthotics

Stone Mountain Orthotics

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Stone Mountain Orthotics
Stone Mountain Orthotics

For a variety of foot problems and conditions, invasive treatments like surgery can often be avoided. Here at InStep Podiatry, our goal is to diagnose you, manage and relieve your pain, and have you back up on your feet free of difficulties as quickly and simply as possible. In addition to common sense lifestyle changes, such as wearing shoes that are roomy and comfortable, with good arch support; and losing weight if you need to, we will often suggest orthotics, inserts that go inside your shoe, as a way to address foot issues. And we are pleased to provide custom made ones that are designed just for you to promote the quickest and most efficient healing.

Some of the foot conditions for which orthotics can be useful are pain from flat feet and heel pain (such as from plantar fasciitis or the formation of heel spurs). Orthotics can be purchased at your local drug store, supermarket, etc. But after our podiatrist examines you and evaluates your condition, you may be able to benefit more from our Stone Mountain orthotics that are made to order for your feet. Orthotics provide much needed support and cushioning, especially when your footwear is not sufficient to give you that support. But even with the right shoes, orthotics, and especially custom ones, can be the difference that allows you to overcome discomfort or pain so that you can walk normally. Sometimes, even standing can be too difficult for you if the problem is severe enough. Let our podiatrist use the expertise and experience that only a specialist can offer to have you fit for our Stone Mountain orthotics.

There is no reason that you should suffer undue pain when there are ways to make it go away. Don’t risk a problem growing worse and needing more complex treatments. Call us today and schedule an appointment with our podiatrist so that you can experience the help of our Stone Mountain orthotics.

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