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Stone Mountain Diabetic Foot Care

Stone Mountain Diabetic Foot Care

Podiatrist in Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Diabetic Foot Care
Stone Mountain Diabetic Foot Care

If you have been diagnosed with either type one or type two diabetes, you probably are aware that there are complications that you need to be aware of in various parts of your body. This most certainly includes your feet. Our Stone Mountain diabetic foot care is fully prepared and qualified to keep you from suffering the worst consequences that can come about due to diabetes. Here at InStep Podiatry, we believe in prompt detection and timely treatment. Ignoring your foot care when you have diabetes can result in a worst case scenario of losing a foot or even a leg to the disease.

You may be wondering about some of the ways that diabetes can have an impact on your feet. One problem is neuropathy (nerve damage), which can occur and hinder the flow of blood to your feet. This may make you less sensitive to noticing temperature chances in your feet or detecting a foot injury. Your ability to feel pain in your foot often becomes compromised. Dry skin can also result because your nerves are in control of moisture levels. This may lead to cracking and peeling of the skin on your feet. It is a good idea for you to do a self-exam at home regularly to check for damage, blisters, or infections that you may not be aware of otherwise. Foot deformity is also a risk of diabetes. Our Stone Mountain diabetic foot care can recommend special therapeutic shoes that prevent changes to the shape of your feet and toes. Calluses can also form and thicken. Eventually, they can turn into foot ulcers. Slowed circulation from diabetes makes fighting off infections even more difficult, which can only make the situation worse.

All of the above may paint a bleak picture, but let us assure you that when you avail yourself of our Stone Mountain diabetic foot care, you will stay out ahead of such issues and they will be far less likely to occur. Regular exams at our office are highly recommended, as are certain lifestyle adjustments. Among them are giving up the use of tobacco in any form, getting proper exercise to boost your circulation, and following the recommendations of your primary physician when it comes to controlling your diabetes.

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